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Meet the RAS International team dedicated to making your next non-profit fundraiser a huge opportunity for growth.

A job well done for us is one that exceeds our client’s expectations. We aim very high in ROI for both our non-profit customers and our sponsors. A job well done is one where our sponsors clamor to resign with us, or upgrade their spend.

A GREAT day for the RAS International team is when an organization has new money from our sponsor efforts that can be...

About Sara Richardson:

28 years as trade show chairwomen and publisher of LCT for Bobit Business Media. Sara handled all facets of media and trade show production for their multi-million dollar events and media assets.
Public speaker – expert on the luxury transportation market and business travel trends.
Corporate Liaison for the National Limousine Association for 18 years; instrumental in creating new association profit centers by way of advertising, sponsorships and corporate partner programs; raising more than $3 million for this non-profit.
Created all event sponsorships and developed new profit centers for the events division of BBM resulting in over $10 million in new revenues.
Managed sponsorships and turnkey charity programs within the luxury transportation marketplace for Ford Motor Company for 20 years.
Launched EquiTech - a thoroughbred racing trade show that was created by Sara when she was 23 years old. Raised $1 million in new sponsorship and partnership revenue in year 1.
Fundraising contractor for the SoCal chapter of the LPGA Charity Golf events. Sold and managed all aspects of partnerships, celebrity endorsements and sponsorships.
Graduated with a dual BS in Marketing/Advertising and Finance with a minor in Psychology from University of AZ.

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