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RAS International takes over 28 years of sales experience to procure the right sponsors to non-profit fundraising events. Read more about who we are and what we're all about.

RAS International is the creation of Sara Eastwood-Richardson. Sara has spent nearly 30 years in event marketing, working with both trade associations and charities.

In her experience, non-profits are challenged with raising money and need help. While most associations are good at fundraising, the underserved marketing arena Sara found her expertise to be most useful is selling and managing corporate sponsorships and strategic partnerships.

RAS International acts as a 'sales team' representing the non-profit organization to help grow advertising revenue streams and build year-long residual income.

Sara was born to help people and she leads from the heart. She is able to envision creative and inspiring ways for corporations to use branding to stand out, help out and build trusting relationships.

The RAS team is focused on developing custom programs surrounding any event with the end goal to wow crowds, make happy sponsors and generate revenue for the non-profit we are working for.

Our Mission

RAS International is dedicated to handling the sales, execution, and follow up of sponsorship procurement.

Our mission is to leverage our expertise to increase sales, deliver ROI to increase retention and help alleviate the burden of managing this detailed process for our non-profit clients so they can focus on advocacy.

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