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Brand visibility, targeted marketing, consumer perception, efficient lead generation, community goodwill, return on investment and more, here are the ten smart reasons to hire RAS for your next non profit event or fundraiser.

Here are 10 smart reasons why RAS should be in charge of your sponsorship sales and management for your event:

1. Brand Visibility
– We’re experts at logo placements and know all the technicalities involved with specialty products (think shirts, glassware, food, etc.) We know all there is to know about event signage. We’ve also got you covered with audio visual. That’s just for starters...

2. Targeted Marketing
– We understand how to go deep with sponsors to help them with engagement strategies before, during and after your event.

3. Consumer Perception
- In a 2016 survey, the Event Marketing Institute found that 74 percent of consumers are more likely to buy products after exposure to a branded event marketing experience. We help your sponsors use the clout earned as a sponsor to grow their reputation within your organization’s community.

4. Efficient Lead Generation
–We put the emotional connection to work after the event is over by helping your sponsors with follow up strategies.

5. Sales Goals
– When the event lends itself, we help your sponsors with an onsite sales strategy so they’re properly prepared to take orders at your event.

6. Community Goodwill
– We walk sponsors through our proprietary ‘positive messaging plan’ that strengthens their brand and boosts loyalty.

7. Content Strategy
– Yes, we’re experienced with digital marketing campaigns too! Even better, we’ll get your sponsors to promote your event by leveraging their sponsorships!

8. Audience Insights
- Sponsors consider post-event reports to be extremely valuable. Analytics and ROI reports are important. But who has time to compile all that data? We do! We handle all post-event legwork and let you recover from your event with peace of mind.

9. Business Relationships
– We will invest the time with each sponsor to play match maker in the spirit of fostering new partnerships.

10. Return on Investment
– All your sponsors in our care will be armed with goals, handled personally throughout the entire event journey and aimed with sales ammo that will ensure they return with even a BIGGER sponsorship commitment at your next event.

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