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Elite Audience

Get your brand in front of this elite group of emerging community leaders and decision makers.

Exceptional Credibility

Enhance your brand image be seen in an environment of exceptional credibility. Partnering with WashJam is worth bragging about and the positive buzz created by your association will enhance sales over the long term.

Generate Revenue

Generate revenue onsite. As a WashJam sponsor, you will have a captive audience for four days and will be afforded the rights to demonstrate, merchandise and actually sell your products and services during the event.

Build Brand Loyalty

You will put a face to the name. You will be able to turn your brand into a memorable feel good experience that has the potential to last a lifetime.

Exclusive Access

You will have exclusive access to an exceptional group of young men and women who have not yet attached to brands they are the up-and-coming consumers but they DO influence purchasing decisions!

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