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There are so many ways that your company can get involved with WashJam. We offer sponsorship packages as well as customized ones. You are welcome to be onsite and delve into interactive and experiential sponsorships or keep it simple with creative branding options.

Let's see if you’re a good fit for WashJam 2020!

Sponsor categories we are seeking to work with include:

Universities/Trade Schools
Sleeping bags
Survival gear
Hiking clothing & Shoes
Outdoor retailers
Fishing equipment
Mountain Bikes
Navigational equipment
Native American tribes
Trail food

And of course, we invite partnerships with Corporations that are Headquartered/Regionally based. WashJam only happens once every 4 years.

This is YOUR time to not only introduce your brands to an exceptional group of up-and-coming youth, but there may be a future CEO or two in the waiting. What a place to recruit for future talent!

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