We're Here to Help You

We're Here to Help You

There is untapped money – potentially thousands of dollars – in sponsorship advertising that's available to you and since we see you’re on our site, we know that you know there’s an easy and risk free way to get it. That’s how we can help you.

If you're like most non-profits, you're relying on volunteers to help sell and manage your program sponsorships. That’s fine up to a point. However corporate sponsors are expecting more these days.

They want to help your organization but at the same time they’re under the gun to show ROI for their advertising and branding spend. Or? Maybe they have never even heard of you! That’s where we come in.

Creating effective sponsorship programs that are unique to each organization take a great deal of expertise to manage. RAS was created to take that burden off of the association or charity. We work hand-in-glove with our clients, but we run a turnkey program independently that allows our non-profits to totally focus on their organizational mission without fuss or muss.

''There is a real need for custom marketing help among non-profit associations. Most boards are comprised of volunteers who come together for a cause. However, the fact is they all need money to see their goals achieved.''
- Sara Eastwood

We handle all sponsorship details (and headaches) from start to finish. Upon completion of each program or project, our clients receive a check – we call it 'found gold.'

Read more to find out about the 10 Smart Reasons to put RAS in charge of your sponsorship sales and management for your event.

Ten Smart Reasons to Put RAS in Charge
Here are 10 smart reasons why RAS should be in charge of your sponsorship sales and management for your event:
1. Brand Visibility
– We’re experts at logo placements and know all the technicalities involved with specialty products (think shirts, glassware, food, etc.) We k
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Our #1 Focus
Procuring sponsorships for non-profits is our #1 focus RAS is a full service sponsorship organization that specializes in the development, sales and management of sponsored programs for non-profits trade associations and charities. CEO and founder, Sara Eastwood-Richardson, spent nearly 30 y
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WashJam - 2020 Official Sponsorship Performa

This is a unique sponsorship that will span 4 full years of branding and exposure!

What is WashJam?

Produced by the Pacific Harbors Council, Boy Scouts of America (BSA), it is a 4-day encampment (overnight) Scout jamboree that happens once EVERY 4 YEARS in the Northwe
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Why choose RAS for your fundraising needs?
Most non-profit charity organizations and business trade associations are in need of sales support to raise money for their causes. Most of them rely on volunteers to sell sponsorships. They must typically lean on associates who have solid connections but who typically lack professional sponso
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